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Export Contacts from TDS

Export your contacts from TDS mail to Thunderbird -

If we set you up with Thunderbird you will need to export your contacts from TDS. This is a fairly simple and straight forward process. This will guide you through the process. To get started, use what ever browser you have set up and login to your TDS webmail.

  1. Login at TDS
  2. Once logged in navigate to the ‘Preferences’ tab at the top
  3. Once there look over to the left of the screen and in the menu select ‘Import/Export’
  4. There are two columns on the page – the top is ‘Import’ and the Bottom is ‘Export. Look under the ‘Export’ column and change the selection to ‘Contacts’.
  5. Once you select ‘Contacts’ then click the menu right next to it that says ‘Windows Live Contacts’ and change it to say ‘Thunderbird Contacts’
  6. Under that is the ‘Source’ selection. Click that and choose the ‘Contacts’ folder and select ‘OK’
  7. Once you made all your selections then look all the way to the right and click the ‘Export’ button. A window will pop up asking what you want to do with the file it is creating. Make sure you select ‘Save File’ then click ‘OK’
  8. This is going to save the file to your ‘Downloads’ Folder.
  9. Open Thunderbird. Look along the top and find the ‘Tools’ dropdown and click that. Then find the ‘Import’ selection and click on it.
  10. The Import box will pop open and ‘Import Everything’ will be pre-selected. Change that to the ‘Address Book’ selection and click next.
  11. Once you click next it will go to another menu with ‘Text File (LDIF, tab, csv, .txt)’ pre-selected. Leave this right where it is. Click next.
  12. This will bring up your File Explorer. Look towards the bottom and you will see where it says LDIF. Click this and change it to Comma Separated, then navigate to your Downloads File. Find the file ‘Contacts.csv’. It should be one of the only ones showing us at this point.
  13. Double click that ‘Contacts.csv’ file and a new window will pop up. Everything should be aligned properly but just double check the list it shows you. Make sure that ‘First Name’ on the right is lined up with ‘First name’ on the left and so on down to where it says, ‘Pager Number’. If all the items line up… you should be just fine. Then click ‘OK’.
  14. Click Finish. That should be it. If you want to test it, just compose a new email and start typing a contact in the 'To: ' section of the email and they should automatically pop up.
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