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Zoho Form Responses

Fetching and Examining your Zoho Form Responses -

Zoho is a very good service and they have so much to offer. While setting up your site, it is possible we used their services to handle form responses. In order to keep your site strictly 'static', we need a third party to handle these responses. In order to access these responses:

  1. In your browser, head over to Zoho and log in.
  2. This should bring you to your Zoho apps. Find the 'Forms' selection and click on that.
  3. Once you click on that, it will bring up any forms we have developed for you and/or your site.
  4. If you look under the names of the form, which will be either the name of your site or 'Contact Us', you will see where it says 'All Entries', click on that and it will bring you to any of the responses you have received.
  5. Just simply click on what ever response you want to inspect and it will bring it up in futher detail. You can even print the response from this screen.
  6. When you are done, click 'Close' and it will bring you back to your responses. If you look at the top near the name of the form you will see an arrow. If you click on this it will bring you back to all of your forms.
  7. FYI ‐ When we set these forms up, we also set it to email you whenever you receive a response. You do not have to periodically check to see if anyone has responded. It will automatically send an email to your Zoho, or domain specific email.
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