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Articles For Our Customers

At Mattaz Web Design/Development, we care about our customers and want to continue to support you in any way we can. I have set up this page as a tool to assist you in the continued support of your website.

We have put together a collection of articles and support documents for you to reference. Some of you may have been referred here and others may just be perusing.

Exporting contacts from TDS to Thunderbird
Zoho Form Responses
Automatically Forward Gmail to Another Account

Turn on Automatic Forwarding

Turn off automatic forwarding:

Clear Cookies in Chrome so you can see updated site

Whenever we push an update to your website, you will have to clear your cookies and cache in your browser so you can see the updated version. When you visit a website, you browser stores that version in its cache so it loads quicker next time you look at it. To clear this cache in chrome follow these steps: